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Grazer Linuxtage 2023

Alles Nix - Reproduzierbar, Deklarativ, Zuverlässig

I held a talk at this year’s Grazer Linuxtage titled “Alles Nix - Reproduzierbar, Deklarativ, Zuverlässig”.

Note: The talk was given at HS i1 at TU Graz Campus Inffeldgasse. The lecture hall fits 117 people and I estimated that about 80 people were in attendance, as quite a bit more than half of the seats were taken. I was very happy about that.

The talk was held in German with English slides (only title slide in German).

You can access the exported PDFs here.

Since the slides were generated with the presentation framework reveal.js I wanted to share the HTML version of these slides too.

You can go through the slides with the arrow keys or use the spacebar to look through them in order. If you’re looking for a particular slide press the “M” key to get a content menu.

I will perhaps fix some mistakes if I notice any so changes may be made.

You can watch a recording of this talk on media.ccc.de. A livestream was available during the event as well.

If you have any questions regarding my talk or want to give personal feedback feel free to reach out to me via Email or DeltaChat at chat[at]thym.at or through the options listed here.


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