Who is responsible for all this here?

Hey there 👋

I’m Matthias Thym aka totoroot and this here is my personal blog.

Job opportunities

If you were instead looking for my professional resume or want to know more about my educational background as well as my professional experiences and skills, let me redirect you to my resume. It is also available in German.

Where you can find me

As I like to contribute to and share my own Open Source projects I have profiles on popular Git forges.

As I try to endorse Free and Open Source Software, I nowadays generally prefer Codeberg to GitHub, so some of my repositories on GitHub are only mirrors of the corresponding repositories on Codeberg which are synced once per day.

I also have accounts on sourcehut and GitLab but both are currently not in use.

In case you want to take a look the latest commits of my own projects, please click here to get to my profile page on Codeberg.

If you have questions about any of my projects, please feel free to get in touch using my commit Email address or open an issue in the corresponding repository.

I still use my GitHub account to contribute to other projects that are still not on a less corporate Git forge, especially nixpkgs.

Here are my recent contributions on GitHub:

Loading GitHub contribution data for user.

The graph is generated with Bloggify’s github-calendar.js using my HUGO shortcode.

You can also find me in the Fediverse on Fosstodon and get in touch with me there:


This blog will be home to my random thoughts I want to share and here is where I will waffle about all kinds of things I’m interested in like software (FOSS in particular) or linguistics and language learning.

I will not limit myself to any one topic and will instead allow my thoughts to flow freely and use this blog as my personal brain dump.

This about section will be worked over once I’ve proven to myself, that I will stick to actually using this blog and not abandon it after just two posts like last time.

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